Deidra – Receptionist


Deidra is the first person you will speak to when you call. She can schedule your appointment, answer general questions, and direct you toward the information you need. Phone for Deidra: 928.227.0180  Email:


Renee – Las Vegas Office Assistant and Ozone Sauna

Renee is our office assistant in Las Vegas. She performs the same office assistant tasks that Libbey performs in Prescott and will help you get the full value of your appointment if you choose to see Jack there.

Renee takes care of scheduling and and administering all the ozone sauna sessions in the Las Vegas area. It is not required that you have an EDS evaluation with Jack to do the sauna. Call her directly at 702-419-2902 for an appointment, or email her at


Amber – Prescott/Dewey Office Assistant and Ozone Sauna

Amber is our office assistant in the Prescott/Dewey office. She will help you get the full value of your appointment if you choose to see Jack there. Amber fulfills many roles in the Az office. During your appointment she assists with a method called plate testing on the products that you bring in. She also prepares detailed Appointment sheets, Protocol sheets, and other needed information to help you get the most out of your evaluation appointment.

In addition, she also takes care of some appointment scheduling along with Deidra, and is responsible for all product orders. She is the Laser Energetic Detox tech and administers all the ozone sauna sessions in the Prescott area. It is not required that you have an EDS evaluation with Jack to do the sauna. Call her directly at 928-499-8305 or email to order supplements or schedule an ozone sauna appointment.


Rebekah – Las Vegas L.E.D. Technician 

Rebekah is our L.E.D. tech in the Las Vegas area. She is very proficient at administering this natural detox protocol according to the methods taught by Lee Cowden, M.D.

You will be scheduled for an appointment with Rebekah for a highly individualized Laser Energetic Detoxification session after you come in for your EDS evaluation with Jack.

Ariadne – Translator

Ariadne is involved with the translation and publication of our Spanish website and Kindle books. Ariadne is the person you will speak with if you only speak Spanish. Please keep in mind she is not present during actual appointments and that when you come for your ASYRA/ZYTO EDS appointment you must bring a family or friend that can translate for you. Spanish Website

Ariadne está a cargo de la traducción y la publicación en español de nuestro sitio web y los libros Kindle. Ella es la persona con la que usted hablará si usted solo habla español. Por favor tenga en cuenta que ella no estará presente durante las citas y que cuando usted venga a su cita de estudios electrodermales ASYRA/ZYTO debe acompañarle algún familiar o amigo que pueda traducirle. Sitio en Espanol


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