Liver Cleansing Improves Liver Health

So what about the specifics of cleansing and improving liver health naturally? What can you do? To answer this first understand some basics of liver function, and specifically we will look at detoxification since this is HUGE for improving overall health and well...

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Fibromyalgia And The 4 Pillars Of Health

  People fighting chronic illness usually end up watching more TV than the average Joe. A good rule of thumb is follow the iffy rule for choosing content I.F.E. ! Try and choose things that are Inspiring - Funny - Educational it does matter. Mental well being is one...

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Similarities Between ADD ADHD And Autism

  While there is much research there is no definitive answer as to cause. Like many other epidemic emerging health problems of the modern developed world the causes are multi-factoral. Both ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and Attention Deficit problems are drastically...

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Lyme Disease An Increasing Concern

  Lyme disease is becoming an increasing concern for many Americans. Lyme disease is becoming an increasing concern for many Americans. It’s great when diseases follow neat and tidy perimeters of behavior and act predictably. Sometimes they do. Unfortunately, if you...

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Common Problems With Heart Health

  Heart disease is one of the biggest killers in Western society, vying with cancer for the top two unhappy slots. To some extent they are both related to a sedentary lifestyle and an overly rich, overly processed diet that comes with prosperity. Often the first sign...

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The Increase Of Autism

There are an estimated 1 out of 42 boys, and 1 in 189 girls diagnosed with Autism in the United States. ASD affects over 2 million in the U.S. and tens of millions worldwide. Furthermore, government Autism statistics suggest that prevalence rates have raised 10 to 17...

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The Right Way To Recover From Fibromyalgia

In 1995 I sat in a doctor’s office waiting to find out what was wrong with me. “Fibromyalgia” she said. Huh? What is that? (It sounded scary). After she explained to me that it was “incurable” I was dismissed with a prescription for some pain pills. Incidentally this...

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The Issues With Heavy Metal Poisoning

Basically, human beings living in industrialized countries are absorbing a much greater diversity and concentration of toxic metals into their bodies than ever before. This is one of the issues making people of our generation sicker than our previously healthy and...

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The Behavior Of Lyme Disease

It’s great when diseases follow neat and tidy perimeters of behavior and act predictably. Sometimes they do. Unfortunately, if you go find a hundred or so people who have dealt with Lyme disease in all its various forms you will find it is rare that Lyme disease EVER...

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