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About the Founder of Natural Health Sciences of Arizona, LLC

natural-health-sciences-arizona-jack-miller-1This company was founded by Jack Miller B Sc., CTN, to offer the same type of natural medicine that powerfully assisted him in to make a full recovery from a prolonged bout with Lyme disease, which is a tick borne illness. In 1997 Jack was diagnosed definitively with a life threatening case of Lyme disease by physicians in Dallas, Texas after failing to be helped by two trips to Mayo clinic in Minnesota. Ultimately, due to delays in diagnosis, and no effective treatments, Jack lost 57 pounds of normal body weight and had to be fed intravenously under the care of the University Hospital in Tucson for about a year. During this time he had multiple life-threatening, septic Staph infections, dangerously elevated liver enzymes, elevated Sed Rate, very low white count, and numerous other serious issues, including mercury poisoning. Although he had already enrolled in a school of natural medicine in the mid 90′s, he began diligently studying and applying natural medicine on his own to increase his odds of survival. After surviving and heading back to Dallas Texas, he was told by some Dallas area physicians and health care workers that they were surprised to see him and had not expected him to live.

In 2003 he had the blessing of meeting the renowned physician Dr. William Lee Cowden M.D. in Dallas Texas after being enrolled in a medical study that treated 14 patients with the comprehensive natural therapies of Dr. Cowden, along with 14 patients treated with antibiotics by a Lyme disease specialist. Jack was one of the patients treated with natural medicine, and during this study he made rapid progress toward health along with all the other patients under Dr. Cowden’s care. He has since tested negative for any trace of Lyme disease by both conventional and energetic testing methods, and continues to do so. The 14 patients treated by Dr. Cowden used a variety of herbal, homeopathic, nutritional interventions, and detoxification therapies, and made outstanding, well-documented recovery during this 03 pilot study, whereas the patients on antibiotics did not make significant improvement.

In 2003, due to the excitement generated by the amazing success of this pilot study that compared natural medicine to conventional medicine in healing a condition that is normally considered incurable (for more information Google ‘Lyme study, Dr. Cowden’), Jack enrolled in a college of traditional natural medicine that is very well respected within the natural health community and has since graduated. He has also become a CTN (Certified Traditional Naturopath) by passing the board certification exam administered by the premiere professional organization that sets the standard for Traditional Naturopathic practitioners in the United States, the American Naturopathic Certification Board. Jack Miller CTN is also a professor at the ACIM. Dr Cowden moved to Arizona in 2005 and Jack had the additional privilege of training with him directly in the Chandler Arizona area for 2 1/2 years in the use of natural medicine for a variety of health conditions. Dr Cowden is the co-author of the “Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Cancer” 1997, Cowden, Diamond; “Cancer Diagnosis: what to do next” 2000, Cowden, Diamond; and co-author of “Longevity” 2001, all published through AlternativeMedicine.com, Inc.

If you have an illness or know someone that has an illness that has failed to respond to other treatments as Jack Miller did, feel free to click on some of the pages of this site to learn more about just a few of the exciting new modalities being used. In addition, being a runner he is also knowledgeable about holistic support for individuals wanting to improve athletic performance. M. G.

*Please note that Jack Miller’s professional title of CTN is not to be confused with NMD, a physician licensed through the state of Arizona. NMDs are medical doctors that also use natural medicine, as well as prescription drugs and other conventional medicine. By comparison, Certified Traditional Naturopaths or CTNs use 100% natural medicine that is available without prescription. They do not diagnose or prescribe treatments like medical doctors. They have a board certification to show they meet a nationally established, professional standard in training, education, and experience. CTN is a legally trademarked title, but cannot be referred to as a Naturopathic Medical Doctor in the state of Arizona. Jack’s own primary care physician is an NMD. He encourages his clients to work with either an MD or an NMD.




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