Package weeks: This deal is a favorite for those coming from out of state or out of the country. They are carried out over Monday-Tuesday-Thursday- Friday. The price is fixed regardless of how much time we spend with you, but the services include a guarantee of 4 hours of eval time. 3 on monday, 1 on friday before your departure. During the week it includes 2 ozone saunas, 2 Photomagnetic drainage sessions, 2 EWOT sessions, 2 Laser detoxification sessions, multiple individual vial laser sweeps, and frequency specific therapy. These therapies are beneficial but not mandatory, as some may need to decline them for certain reasons. The cost of these services separately would be $2,275.00, but as a package they are $1,980.00. Spaces are limited for package weeks to 2 persons per week. One is seen in the morning and one in the afternoon (we accept no other clients during these weeks since all clinic time is used up. Ideally you come with a friend or family member to do a package week together and do it together. This cost is for services only. Customized nutritional supplement protocol recommendations are a separate charge and these typically cost about $400-$600 for a two month supply.  After you approve the order these products are drop shipped to you after you return home.

* Evaluation appointments definition: This is time spent one on one with you going over your history, running multiple electrodermal screening scans, in office urine or saliva tests, and muscle testing or other energetic evaluation methods. The goal is to create detailed, easy to follow recommendations regarding exactly how to get your supplements and take them when you return home. If you already own natural health equipment, recommendations may be made on how to most effectively use what you have. If inexpensive home therapy equipment is needed for your specific needs, recommendations for high quality equipment may be made. Of course, for locals, my clinic partners have some of the best healing therapy equipment in existence and recommendations can be made for best usage for your particular health issues.


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