ADD and ADHD can affect both children and adults but often children tend to overcome these problems as they grow into adulthood.
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  While there is much research there is no definitive answer as to cause. Like many other epidemic emerging health problems of the modern developed world the causes are multi-factoral. Both ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and Attention Deficit problems are drastically increasing and these have no absolute single cause. One cannot help but notice the similarities between ADD/ADHD and Autism, and some consider the former to simply be low spectrum ASD. Or in other words, root causes for Autism might be the same as root causes for ADD/ADHD but manifested in a much less severe way in the latter, but as stated, both are on the rise.
If you are suffering or your child is, you want answers. These conditions can really impact life quality, school, working life, and social connections. People with ADD/ADHD really struggle to do what others take for granted. In the rush for a fix many medicate, but the truth is that there is good research showing that prescription medication has little long term benefit. Click Here for more info.

The human brain is the most complex known structure in the Universe. To assume a single stimulant med will “fix” one’s brain is not realistic and of course there are potential side effects. If you are dealing with Attention Deficit what are some things that you can do? Here are some basic recommendations.

  • Avoid all processed foods but especially those that contain food coloring (especially red and yellow) and preservatives. Eat whole unprocessed foods. (See My Optimal Healing Diet)
  • While lead has gotten attention as a causal factor in ADD/ADHD, as is typical, mercury has been mostly ignored. Mercury is a far worse neurotoxin than lead. Please avoid all high mercury content fish (tuna is the biggest culprit). Also consider seeing a biological dentist for SAFE removal of mercury containing silver amalgam fillings and don’t let them be placed in your child. Also you might want to reconsider flu shots as these contain mercury in the form of Thimerosol (ethyl-mercury, one of the worst forms). Sadly many childhood vaccines also contain insanely high amounts of this mercury based preservative. Once avoidance is being practiced, consider doing something to rid your body of excess mercury and other toxic metals {link to ozone sauna page and LED page)
  • Get to bed by 10 if at all possible. Staying on computers and devices till all hours reduces melatonin in the brain and reduces sleep quality due to the blue light outputted by these. Also the fast paced changes on TV and computer screens are stimulant in effect and there is evidence these can harm developing brains.
  • There is a very powerful connection between gut health and brain health. Try some natural digestive support supplements, and try avoiding high allergenic foods like soy, wheat, dairy, and GMO foods of all kinds. I don’t recommend avoiding eggs unless known allergy is present as these contain nutrients that are so healthy for the brain. We guide our clients in natural digestive strengthening products (as opposed to the digestive suppressing OTC meds people commonly swallow). Some report that these profoundly improve mental function over time, unlike ADD/ADHD drugs which gradually stop working over time.
  • Take omega 3 and 6 fatty acids daily. Good quality, purified fish oils, flax oil, hemp oil, borage oil, or primrose oil.
  • Consider brain training with a well trained NeuroFeedback therapist. If you are blessed enough to have one in your town that is. Beware: training and skill varies.
  • Finally, use good quality nutritional supplements that support brain health. There are too many to discuss here. You will commonly hear that there is no hard evidence that nutrients, herbs, and homeopathic remedies have any proven effect. The reasons for this are pretty simple. To begin with big pharma is not looking. The money being invested in research is going to lucrative drugs, not inexpensive nutritional supplements. Also, every human being on Earth is unique, what works for one may do little for another so of course this leads to less than conclusive results when you take a group of people and give them all the exact same thing. This is why people need customized nutritional protocols. For instance, a common metabolic disorder called KPU (Kryptopyrroluria) is emerging as a factor in many health problems. This condition causes heavy loss of zinc through the urine and low zinc is linked with ADD/ADHD.  The only definitive way to determine if one has this disorder is a simple urine collection test. If a person has KPU they may experience dramatic improvement with loading doses of zinc, while others with ADD note no benefit. Again, biochemical individuality comes into play. What works for one doesn’t work for another.
Recovering from ADD ADHD naturally may require some combination of the above mentioned natural intervention to see results. As a traditional naturopathic practitioner I guide clients in some of the above mentioned options as well as many others. Safe, non-toxic natural products and therapies. Things that people are using and consistently reporting good results.


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