A Balanced View of the Benefits and Precautions of Ozone Therapy

Recently we began purchasing and selling the incredible documentary “Ozone Therapy: A Medical Breakthrough” by Geoff Rogers to our clients. Most people find the information mind boggling. The documentary brings out the following:
  • 10’s of millions of medical ozone blood infusions have been carried out in Germany by physicians in the last 60 years with one of the best safety records of any therapy in existence.
  • It is used for cancer, AIDS, chronic fatigue, hepatitis c, migraines, burns, pelvic inflammatory conditions, and an almost endless list of other health problems.
  • Ozone therapy is used in practically every hospital in Russia after their scientists did the research validating how effective it is.
  • Ozone has proven benefits to immune function, it can help increase the oxygen metabolism, kills ALL microscopic organisms that it comes in contact with, and helps your body detoxify.
  • And here is the kicker……you will very likely never, ever see ozone used in mainstream American hospitals and clinics regardless of its many proven benefits!!  Why? Because it is too cheap and cannot be patented!
  Trailer – “Ozone Therapy: A Medical Breakthrough” by Geoff Rogers

If you can’t patent it, you can’t control the money flow.

Contrary to what some may believe, American hospitals, and especially drug companies, aren’t furrowing their brows each day trying to figure out how to provide less expensive, affordable health care for us everyday Americans. They are looking at how they can inflate the price of healthcare more and more, and they have done so quite effectively. American healthcare cost increases have drastically outpaced the inflation of goods and services, while the quality of care received in this country ranks well below most of the developed world.
Charge more, provide less; what business would not want to do that? In line with this, when you have a very cheap, beneficial natural therapy that in fact does the opposite by costing you less and providing you more, it will of course be attacked, not endorsed. This is just one of the unfortunate problems with living in a market based country. In the U.S. the Golden Rule applies: those who have the gold make the rules.
Big Pharma is awash in money, and they have the power and influence to protect this cash flow. While I am not an activist, I must practice traditional naturopathy within that system. My goals are to educate you about what natural and unpatentable therapies people are using in Europe and other places that are highly beneficial and cheap. If you are sick and plan on waiting for the FDA to allow these into mainstream medicine you will have a long wait and will probably die waiting. If you are Russian or Cuban you can get ozone therapy in your local doctor’s office. If you are American you have to fly to another country or U.S. state with more freedom, or research online how to treat yourself in your own home to receive the benefits. Freedom huh?  The reason that this relates to the subject of ozone therapy is that if you want some of the amazing benefits of ozone therapy, you will have to educate yourself and wade through a lot of misinformation to get to any useful info. Competitive market interests have made the subject a confusing mess.

For instance, Myth: ozone is a toxic pollutant and is dangerous to your health.

  Truth: ozone inhaled at certain levels can be an irritant to your lungs. It is in smog, but the amount in smog is actually pretty small. Ozone is a natural part of the atmosphere. There are small amounts of ozone in every breath you take, especially in a natural wilderness area. You can especially smell it after a rain. That same ozone that is a natural part of the air accumulates at the ground level when hydrocarbon smog gets bad in cities. This smog is from motor vehicles and factory pollution, and it is toxic and can contain over 200 chemical pollutants.
It has always been very easy and inexpensive to measure ozone levels in the air and thus ascertain smog levels. This is because of the fact that ozone in the air naturally accumulates at predictable levels when there is smog. Testing ozone became an easy method to measure smog levels. But ozone isn’t the smog, it only accumulates in it. Ozone consists of 3 oxygen atoms. It is a very simple molecule made entirely of oxygen. On the other hand the chemicals in smog are glutted with many complex man-made chemicals and the byproducts of burning gasoline, coal, diesel and so forth. Smog is of course bad for you. This has led to misunderstandings. Statements such as this are made. “High levels of ground level ozone are associated with a variety of serious and dangerous respiratory and other health problems”. This is true. But the statement is also a deception by omission. For instance, many people die every year because of trees. They fall from the trees, or the trees fall on them. This being the case, perhaps we need to start placing orange warning signs on trees to protect society: “Warning! Trees kill. Stand back please.” It sounds silly because it is obviously leaving out key facts. Trees are only harmful in specific instances. For instance, if a drunken guy operating a bulldozer pushes one down on your head, while he is texting his girlfriend then the tree is dangerous. Was it the tree’s fault though? nhsoa-ozone-therapy-smog In this same way, the ozone that is a natural part of the air we breathe is painted as dangerous but again, this leaves out key facts. While it’s true that in extreme cases the ozone that has accumulated in smog can reach levels that are high enough to irritate lungs, long before that you would be gasping and choking because of the hydrocarbon chemicals in the pollution itself. It is the man-made garbage in the smog that hurts you. Polluting industries and auto manufacturers don’t like to acknowledge that. They’d rather make the ozone the culprit.

In reality, ozone is not inherently harmful. It is used to promote health throughout the world.

So, how can you use ozone in a balanced way and also take precautions? When using ozone in a medical clinic situation such as Doctor Frank Shallenberger’s clinic in Nevada, (yes, ozone therapy is gradually being adopted in the U.S.) you don’t have to worry. All the precautions are being taken for you in those instances. On the other hand with home use, you will be using equipment that takes pure oxygen and creates pure ozone mixed with oxygen and you need to understand how to use it safely. Most ozone therapy being done in the U.S. is being done at home. This includes home therapies such as ozone sauna, bagging, and ozone insufflations. Here are some basic safety precautions.
  • Make sure that the room you designate for the ozone therapy is well ventilated. Open the windows. If there is no breeze, stick a fan in the window.
  • Never, ever take a breath directly from the tubing that the pure ozone is coming out of. If so you will cough for quite some time. Other than lung irritation this unfortunate experience will have no real systemic affect on your health. Not enough ozone will go past your lungs to have much systemic affect. All the ozone will immediately oxidize on the lung alveoli (thus causing the coughing and irritation). This is why ozone therapy is not done through the lungs. To get healing amounts of pure ozone into the body, you have to use venous infusion methods, or via the skin (bagging or sauna), or rectally, or vaginally. Never attempt these without some knowledge or skill.
  • Ozone therapy should not be done in a room with electronics. Ozone is a powerful, oxidizing form of oxygen. Over time, it can damage electronic equipment in a room, especially if the aforementioned ventilation is inadequate. Keep the therapy room closed and windows open. If you have no windows, install a ventilation fan.
Ozone, properly used, can have many benefits. Yes, it is not good for you if inhaled in concentrated amounts. If used therapeutically, it should also not be overdone. The amounts that are healing are rather specific. Too little would mean no therapeutic benefits. Too much would mean excess oxidative stress to the body.


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