Lyme Disease-HollaranMy journey to the next level of healing from Lyme Disease began when I found Jack Miller and Natural Health Sciences of Arizona in May 2015. I can’t begin to thank Jack and his incredible team for helping me begin to restore my life to the active one I lived before 2005. Let me share a brief history of what brought me to Jack and NHS.

In 2005, my husband and I struggled for a year with continuous flu-like symptoms, chronic fatigue, sleep deprivation, high fevers and brain fog. We were so tired/weak that we couldn’t do the activities we loved like hiking in the mountains, snorkeling/sailing vacations in the Caribbean, and evenings out with friends to dinner, concerts and the theater. It was a struggle for me to go to work every day as a senior executive with extensive business travel, presentations and client development as a significant part of my responsibilities.

We went from doctor to doctor without any relief or accurate diagnosis. After a year, we had almost given up hope when we found a homeopathic doctor who diagnosed that we were ill from five strains of toxic mold – two that are used in biological warfare. By that time the mold had pretty well wiped out our immune system and was deep into all of our organs. We spent the next 6 years living on 2-3 IVs a week and an extensive protocol to get the mold out of our bodies and re-build our immune systems.

In 2011, my husband was almost symptom free and getting so much better. Although many of my symptoms were better, I was still experiencing chronic fatigue, body aches, trouble sleeping and high fevers. Our homeopathic doctor tested me for every infection he could think of and that’s when I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease.

Looking back, I think I’ve had Lyme Disease for decades as I was always the person who got the flu and instead of a few days – it lasted for weeks. I struggled with fatigue and requiring more sleep than my friends. I started on a protocol for Lyme Disease and slowly began to get better. Then in 2014, my doctor died and for the next year I hit a plateau with my treatment. I just couldn’t seem to get to the next level of healing and my husband started researching practitioners who specialized in Lyme Disease.

We selected Jack Miller and Natural Health Sciences for two reasons: 1) he had walked the road of Lyme Disease himself and 2) we really liked his strictly natural approach to Lyme Disease – that didn’t include antibiotics or steroids. Starting in May 2015, I’ve been so impressed with Jack’s very tailored protocol/natural therapy for my Lyme Disease. He also did extensive scans and uncovered my need to de-tox from heavy metals, a high level of carcinogens and several other conditions often related to Lyme Disease.

The Laser Energetic Detoxification (LED) natural therapies are incredible! I began seeing significant changes starting with the first two I received. Other natural therapy that I’ve found valuable are ozone sauna, chi machine, detox footbath, mucoid cleanse and the very tailored protocol of homeopathic/naturopathic supplements and medications.

Because of the amount of travel and presentations I do in my job, my appointments in-person with Jack are usually every 4-6 months with monthly phone consultations in between. To provide a way for my system to clear the poisons out of my body from de-toxing, I schedule weekly or bi-weekly lymph, colonic and Bowen natural therapies from an outstanding practitioner in the Phoenix area – Dr. Victoria Bowen.

I am so grateful to Jack, Amber, Naomi and the Team at NHS! They have gone above and beyond to help me heal! The quality of my life has changed significantly in the past two years! For the first time since 2005, I was able to start getting up to exercise on a regular basis at 4:30am this summer so that I could walk before the heat gets intense. I always loved Arizona summers, and yet, with my illnesses I couldn’t tolerate the heat or have the energy to get up early to walk/exercise. Yesterday I had the energy to work a full day, walk 2 miles, and I still had the energy to fix dinner plus enjoy time with my husband at the end of the day. I can actually start dreaming about swimming again on a regular basis and going on snorkeling/sailing trips in the future!

Update: For 6 years I struggled with severe rashes on my arms, legs, torso and face. The past 6 months I have been rash-free! What a blessing!

Terri O’Halloran, Phoenix, Arizona (Summer 2017)