While there is much research there is no definitive answer as to cause. Like many other epidemic emerging health problems of the modern developed world the causes are multi-factoral. Both ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and Attention Deficit problems are drastically increasing and these have no absolute single cause. One cannot help but notice the similarities between ADD/ADHD and Autism, and some consider the former to simply be low spectrum ASD. Or in other words, root causes for Autism might be the same as root causes for ADD/ADHD but manifested in a much less severe way in the latter, but as stated, both are on the rise. Read more here…

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Similarities Between ADD ADHD And Autism
Article Name
Similarities Between ADD ADHD And Autism
Recovering from ADD ADHD naturally may require some combinations of natural interventions to see results. Recovery from ADD ADHD for a child will be the most difficult.
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